Customer Workshops

Extensive Customer Support Helps Our Clients Leverage the Power of The Yield Book

The Yield Book offers classes for both ...

The Yield Book offers classes for both beginners and advanced users of the system. Classes are taught in hands-on workshops offered monthly in New York, as well as year-round in other cities around the globe.

Popular classes include the following:

  • Yield Book 101 - an introduction to The Yield Book
  • Yield Book Advanced - delves into the higher-level functionality of the system
  • Intro to the Yield Book Add-In - covers functionality in our spreadsheet based product

Additional Customer Support


Webinars are offered frequently. These online modules are designed to expose users to various facets of The Yield Book suite of products, and cover topics pertinent to both beginning and advanced users.

Analytical Insights for Agency
Credit Risk Transfer Deals
Please join The Yield Book by FTSE Russell on Tuesday, July 30, for an interactive webinar titled "Analytical Insights for Agency Credit Risk Transfer Deals". This webinar is designed to provide you an overview of The Yield Book by FTSE Russell's coverage of the Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) Program.

On-Site Training

We conduct initial training onsite upon installation of the system. Web-based training is always available for clients. Users can also opt for custom training, either in our training room or at their workplace.

Usage Support

Our analysts are fully knowledgeable about the usage of The Yield Book and possess a solid grounding in fixed income mathematics and portfolio analytics. Users can call or email with questions and receive a prompt response.

Technical Support

Our team of highly-trained system engineers coordinates the installation process with your in-house technical staff. Afterward, we provide on-going technical assistance to any system issues.

Online Training Manuals

Yield Book training content is available online for clients who are unable to attend Customer Workshops or who wish to expand their knowledge of the system. Manuals, FAQs, system updates, research papers and more are consistently posted to the Web site.